Most people seem to agree that spawning the Chinese Algae Eater in an aquarium is very difficult. Thats not to say its impossible, its just not likely.

The chinese algae eater is known by some other common names such as algae eater, sucking loach, and indian algae eater. They are native to streams in parts of Indochina.

One caution is in order about the Chinese Algae Eater. They tend to become agressive towards other fish in the tank as they get older. So keep that in mind if you are thinking of getting some to place with your other fish.

Another thing to consider with these fish is that they may not do a very good job of removing algae from your tank. So its probably not a good idea to get these fish in the hopes of keeping your tank free of algae.

If you like a challenge, then trying your luck at spawning the Chinese Algae Eater may  be something you want to try. Just don't forget its probably better to keep them in a tank by themselves especially as they get older.

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